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A bench is usually a long chair where multiple persons can sit together at the same time with their feet touching the floor. Benches are commonly made of oak, cedar, or metal. Some benches have only a backrest; others have a backrest and also have arm rests where the user may place their arms. Some have a center pedestal that is raised up off the ground. These types of benches are better for places where there are no chairs or where the height is an issue.

In order to perform the bench press the proper way, you must begin by sitting in the bench with your legs apart at shoulder width. Place your hands on top of the shoulders of both sides of your chest and then place your feet underneath the legs. This is the beginning position for the bench press. As you increase in your weight lifting, your feet will need to be lifted a bit higher to allow more room for your muscles to begin to raise the barbell off the floor and towards your chest.

The second step is to grip the bar with both hands firmly on top of it with your fingertips facing away from you. Your elbows should point toward your ankles and your hands should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that your elbows are lined up with your shoulders and that your body forms a straight line between the barbell and your hands. You want to keep your back straight during this part of the bench press. Also make sure that you keep your chin up and your upper chest high while pressing the bar.

Once you have lifted the barbell to your chest level, your next step is to lower it down to your lower chest. To do this you must rotate your body so that your body forms a circle over the barbell. This is done by bringing the lower half of your body down while pushing the upper half up. As you rotate your body, your triceps will need to contract to close the distance between the bottom of the barbell and your collar bones. The stronger the triceps become the more control you will have over the amount of weight that you can lift.

Other than being great for home gyms, reconditioned plastic or steel benches can also be used in commercial gym settings. They are perfect for workouts and for adding a competitive edge to a workout. Reconditioned benches come in a variety of sizes and features. Some of them have an added bench press section along with extra weight storage for a variety of gym equipment. The biggest drawback of buying a recycled plastic or steel bench is finding the right one to fit your workout.

Outdoor Exercise - Using reconditioned park benches come in handy for outside workouts also. These are ideal for people who are looking to build some lean muscle mass. The only real drawback to this type of bench is that they are often fairly large and will take up a lot of room if placed in an outdoor area. The park benches that are made out of aluminum come in different weights and sizes. They are available in different heights as well.